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Where can I find Valomilks?

The number one question we hear is: “Where can I find your VALOMILKS?” I know it is not easy to find VALOMILKS, even here in KC. The giant candy companies control the market through their sheer size, financial clout and national presence. VALOMILKS have been a regional favorite in the Midwest for seventy years, but even so, it can be frustrating trying to find our candy when the giant candy companies control the shelf space in almost every store. If your local grocery, drug or convenience store does not carry VALOMILKS, please ask the manager why not, and then give them our web site address to contact me.

In the meantime we have several fine ways to get our VALOMILKS. Just Click these Links and they can help you.


Chocolate Candy Cups SalesCracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Restaurants┬« — they have VALOMILKS and there is probably one just down the road.


Valomilk Candy SalesCandy Favorites


Eleanor’s Sweets & Sodas


Old Fashioned Candy SalesGroovy Candy Company


Hammer’s Dry Goods


Old Time CandyOld Time Candy Company